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Scotland's offshore renewable energy sector is full of potential. We can help your business to access the expertise, facilities and funding to take advantage of the opportunities.

The capital opportunity for offshore renewables in the UK is more than £100 billion, and many of the best prospects are in Scotland. We can help you to make the most of our resources, locations, experience, and unique capabilities - all within a support framework for everything from research to deployment.

Europe’s largest power and energy research partnership, the Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) is based here in Scotland. More than 700 academics across 12 universities collaborate with one another and with industry to drive innovation in the sector. Other dedicated partners offer further support and help to share new industry insights. By working together, we aim to make offshore renewable energy a commercially viable choice.

More than £200 million of public funding is available to help develop the industry in Scotland. On top of this, there’s UK and EU funding in the billions. We can point you in the direction of appropriate funding for your research, development or testing. We will also work with you to ensure that you have the best chance of success at securing support.

Scotland has a leading role to play in growing the European offshore renewable energy industry. Your business could be a key player. Watch the videos below, then get in touch.

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Foresighting reports can shape your business decisions
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Knowledge and technical foresighting

Scotland invests significant resources in understanding the technical challenges facing the offshore renewable energy industry. We can provide access to industry reports to allow you to match your company's capabilities with live opportunities.

For example, read our Offshore wind investment landscape study.

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Make the most of our expert support
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Industry expertise

New entrants to the offshore renewables sector can go further with expert input from Scottish Enterprise. The Offshore wind expert support programme helps companies with useful advice and opportunities to find the networks you need.

We can also help you to build your network of contacts through the Scottish Energy Laboratory. You'll find a community that is committed to exploring renewable energy. 

Find out more on the Scottish Enterprise website: Offshore wind expert support programme

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Scotland has some unmatched test and demo sites
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Testing expertise and facilities

Scotland is an excellent location for renewable energy test and demonstration facilities. You can access support throughout the entire innovation life-cycle – from concept to testing and demonstration.

The European Marine Energy Centre, based in Orkney, is the only wave and tidal device testing centre of its kind in the world.

Flowave TT, at the University of Edinburgh, is the world’s only combined wave and current test facility.

Samsung is testing the world’s largest offshore wind turbine at Energy Park Fife, and Siemens and Mitsubishi are testing their next-generation turbines at Hunterson.

How can you access all of these specialist facilities? The Scottish Energy Laboratory gives you a single route into the network. 

Find out more on the Scottish Enterprise website: Scottish Energy Laboratory

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Scotland's universities are involved in renewables research and development
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Academic expertise

Scotland's universities excel in producing  the research that underpins innovation in renewables. Through various institutions and groups, we can give you access to over 700 academics, engineers and scientist working across many collaborative projects.

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There is £200 million of Scottish public money set aside for renewables
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We can help you to access various sources of funding for renewable energy in Scotland. Whether you need support for the initial stages of research and testing, or you have a fully functioning piece of kit ready for demonstration, we can help you find the right source of funding. 

There's more than £200 million of public funding available from Scottish sources, with the UK government adding many more. 

Funding from Europe comes from the Horizon 2020 programme, which will dispense nearly €6 billion for secure, clean and efficient energy products from 2014 to 2020. A substantial amount of this funding will go into offshore energy and grids.

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