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To date, the focus of the fledgling UK offshore wind industry has been on the development and construction of wind farms.

But as more and more offshore assets are commissioned, the technical and commercial challenges of operating projects are starting to receive much greater attention.  Operation and maintenance (O&M) costs make up 20-25% of the total lifetime costs of an offshore wind farm, making O&M a significant industrial sector in its own right.


Commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and The Crown Estate — and produced by world leading renewable energy consultancy GL Garrad Hassan — this guide to UK offshore wind operations and maintenance explores the key concepts of O&M, identifies the main participants and sets out the opportunities presented by this rapidly developing market. 

The guide reports findings including:

  • The UK market for offshore wind O&M services is expected to grow to £1.2 billion per annum by 2020 and almost £2 billion in 2025
  • O&M services are contracted by three main actors: project owners, wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and offshore transmission owners (OFTOs)
  • Opportunities for new entrants to the industry exist in several areas — including offshore logistics, vessel leasing and subsea operations — most notably where existing practice lacks maturity or will be unsuitable for future projects constructed further from shore
  • SMEs are particularly well suited to exploit opportunities that require a local presence, commercial/technical flexibility or specialist/innovative solutions
  • Companies that can bring solutions which are safer, reduce costs and boost revenues are well placed to succeed

Download the guide (PDF, 3.6MB)