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Abundant resources, an experienced supply chain and a supportive business environment make Scotland the natural home for your wind energy project.

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If your business is wind energy then it makes sense to explore Scotland's vast opportunities.

25% of Europe's wind crosses Scotland's 12,000 kilometres of coastline. That equates to a huge 169GW of offshore wind potential - more than 10 times Scotland's own electricity requirements.

There are currently around 5GW of offshore wind farm projects proposed for construction off the coast of Scotland.

And we've already got 5.5GW of operational onshore wind farms, with a further 3.9GW under construction or consented.

These huge resources mean huge potential. Our wind resources could create billions of pounds of capital and export opportunities.

Supporting Scotland's wind energy industry

We've set some of the most challenging renewable energy targets in Europe, aiming to generate the equivalent of 100% of electricity demand from renewable source by 2020.

In 2013 renewables became our biggest source of electricity generation. In 2015 renewable sources met almost 57% of our electricity demand.

To help companies meet these target you'll find a high level of public sector support if you choose to invest in Scotland.

We can help you identify the right funding sources for your company. This could include more generic funding like Regional Selective Assistance or more specific funding for renewables projects.

Financial assistance when you invest in Scotland

In fact over £200 million public funding has been made available for renewable energy projects, in addition to the UK and Europe wide funding initiatives.

Outstanding locations

Investing in Scotland means investing in the ideal location to reach the Scottish, UK and European markets.

Our major offshore wind generation sites are located near deepwater ports that offer extensive laydown areas and easy access to the growing offshore wind markets of northern Europe.

Explore our energy ports

We also offer seven designated renewables Enterprise Areas.

Enterprise Area benefits include:

  • Business rates relief
  • Capital allowances
  • Fast track planning
  • Experience matters

Doing business in Scotland means working with qualified staff and accessing a wide range of proven suppliers.

We've got decades of experience working in offshore oil and gas, in the harsh environment of the North Sea and in markets around the world.

That experience has allowed us to build a skills base that can adapt to renewable energy projects and left a legacy of deepwater constructions sites suitable for the offshore wind industry.

Read our supply chain capability guide (PDF, 3.4MB)

Committed to research and innovation

Did you know Scotland is home to Europe largest energy research group? Our Energy Technology Partnership works across 12 universities to support research and innovation in renewables.

We're also home to excellent test and demonstration facilities like Glasgow's Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, offshore wind turbine testing sites at Hunterston and Levenmouth and the Power Networks Demonstrations Centre in Cumbernauld.

With world class facilities at their disposal, our academics and innovation experts are working hard to develop new technologies and reduce renewable energy costs.

Like what Scotland's got to offer?

Abundant resources, a supportive business environment, extensive infrastructure, skilled supply chain and academic excellence.

Those are just some of the things Scotland can offer companies like yours.

If you're interested in finding out more about Scotland's wind energy industry, contact us.

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Or read our guide to wind energy in Scotland (PDF, 2.7MB)