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If you want to go far, go together

The healthcare challenges we face globally are significant and no single company, health provider, clinician or researcher can overcome them alone and in isolation. 
No one of us is as smart or as innovative as all of us coming together to tackle a challenge or maximise an opportunity. In Scotland, we truly believe that working together is the key to driving innovation and creating solutions to current and future global healthcare challenge.

Sharing the agenda

Scotland’s collaborative approach starts right at the top. Our Life Sciences Advisory Board – comprising government, industry, healthcare specialists and academia – continues to drive forward the strategic agenda for health and wealth in a global context, working together to anchor, build and attract companies, talent and innovation. 
In Scotland, we have a range of collaborative initiatives that bring together our single healthcare provider, the NHS, as well as academic researchers and industry partners. Together, they focus on how we maximise effective collaboration to advance innovation. 

Close partners

Through NHS Research Scotland, we provide coordinated access to clinical investigators and patients through a single point of contact. The Health Innovation Partnership fosters partnership between life sciences in Scotland and NHS Scotland, helping the latter work with the sector to improve the use of innovative healthcare solutions using modern technologies.

Other places where you will see our approach at work are our Innovation Centres focusing on stratified medicine, digital health, and industrial biotechnology,for example. 
The Edinburgh BioQuarter is another shining example of bringing together public  healthcare, academic researchers and extensive commercial lab space in one location. As is the newly-opened South Glasgow Hospital Campus, one of the largest in Europe.

The result is we get things done more efficiently, the process is smoother, maximising the creativity, talent and technical resources in a tighter team with shorter decision-making processes. 

Ideal environment

All of this takes place in a country with the infrastructure that provides ambitious companies with the ideal environment to grow. It’s also worth pointing out that Scotland has more business angel investment per head of population than any other country in Europe.

They say 'if you want to go fast, go alone', but in Scotland's life sciences, we prefer the adage: ‘if you want to go far, go together.’

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