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Wood Group - the background

Wood Group's roots in Scotland stretch back to 1912 and today the company has grown into one of the world's leading energy services companies.

The right location

Being based in Scotland is very good for business as Aberdeen is a global energy hub and Scotland is recognised to be world-leading in terms of innovation and enterprise.

Bob Keiller, Wood Group CEO

From headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland's energy capital, and the USA, Wood Group employs around 43,000 people and operates in 50 countries.

Wood Group's focus is on increasing the returns to its customers by reducing their capital and operating expenditure, enhancing safety, efficiency and productivity and extending the economic life of their assets. 

Remaining at the centre of Europe's oil and gas industry in Aberdeen is crucial to the company's continued success, in the past year alone they have successfully extended nine major oil and gas contracts in the North Sea. 

What Wood Group say 

Bob Keiller, Wood Group CEO: 

"I am very excited about the future of our oil and gas industry in the North Sea and internationally. 

"There are lots of opportunities according over the next few years - fresh investment in the North Sea should result in a boost of output from under 1.5 million barrels of oil a day to 2 million. 

"With up to an estimated 24 billion barrels still to be recovered, there is a strong future for the North Sea. 

"Today’s high oil price and the extension of small-field allowances have helped the industry, as new big finds are now less common. 

"The UK Government’s brownfield allowance is encouraging smaller players to buy some of the older assets from the majors and guaranteed tax relief on decommissioning costs will help the industry with the cost of decommissioning aged assets, currently estimated at over £30 billion. 

"Our industry is facing an escalating skills gap around the world and Scottish universities are producing high-calibre engineering graduates across a range of disciplines. 

"Young people represent the future for our industry and we have recruited over 100 graduates a year over the last three years through our graduate recruitment programme."

Next steps

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