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Company's Scottish bases help to build connections with future generations of oil & gas industry leaders.

FMC Technologies first arrived in Scotland in 1975. Today the company has three Scottish bases among a global equipment and services network that stretches to 17 countries, 19,300 staff and 30 production facilities.   

Our centre of research and development excellence near Glasgow allows us to capitalise on the heavy, medium and electronic engineering skills we require as a business as well as the academic knowledge available through local universities.

Andrew Cort, FMC Technologies

With an engineering support office in Aberdeen, a manufacturing facility in Fife and a research and development centre in Glasgow, the company is already making the most of Scotland's oil and gas industry expertise. 

But the company's commitment to innovation goes even further, with FMC committed to engaging with Scotland's centres of excellence - from primary schools to universities - to help nurture the next generation of industry leaders. 

Access to engineering talent and academic institutions 

One of the attractions of opening a research facility in Glasgow was the proximity of engineering talent and academic institutions in the west of Scotland, making it easier for the company to develop cutting-edge technology, an essential part of FMC's long term strategy. 

Andrew Cort, FMC's HSE & Quality Director Eastern Region and Managing Director UK, said: 

"We operate a long term vision for growth and development and recognise the value of education in inspiring and developing the industry leaders of the future. 

"Our team work with and sponsor local primary school projects, encouraging children into engineering careers from an early age as well as partnering with tertiary education providers. 


"As part of our ongoing collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University we have generated a number of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships designed to advance the academic and practical skills demanded by industry. 

"Our aim is to nurture the next generation of innovative thinkers to FMC Technologies and the oil and gas industry."

Since opening in 2008 the Glasgow office has expanded to include a state-of-the-art test centre which allows engineers in Glasgow to assess technology before testing begins in the field. 

Andrew Cort adds: 

"Innovation is central to our business model, which serves an offshore oil and gas industry operating in extreme conditions that are constantly changing. 

"We have also recently invested in a state-of-the-art test centre, which is located close to the research and development facility. The centre allows our engineers to assess and prove technology onsite before testing begins in the field."

Scottish Development International and our partners have enjoyed a long relationship with FMC, our support includes:

  • Helping FMC make connections with local businesses and Scotland's universities 
  • Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) funding to support the expansion of FMC's Dunfermline manufacturing base 
  • Research & Development Grant support to help develop an Opto Electronic research centre 

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