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We helped Toshiba Medical make the case for a major life sciences R&D base in Scotland. Having secured an £18 million investment from their parent company, the Edinburgh-based team are working to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.

The business case

Life-saving devices like MRI and CT scanners rely on the specialist solutions provided by Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems Europe (TMVS). Founded as Voxar in 1995 by graduates of the University of Edinburgh, the firm has established long-standing relationships with large medical imaging vendors as well as becoming a market leader via its flagship Voxar 3D tool.

Toshiba could not be more pleased with its decision to establish a key global R&D centre based in Scotland. Our access to top talent, universities and research collaborators, coupled with the terrific support and vision of the Scottish government has been outstanding. 

Fredric J Friedberg, President, Toshiba Medical Visualisation Systems

Parent company Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (TMSC) however, would ordinarily outsource product development overseas.

Confident in their skills, experience and people, TMVS asked us to help develop an airtight business case for the centre to proceed in Scotland.

How we helped

Having previously supported the firm, we recognised the opportunity to retain and grow world class R&D activities.

Critical to the project would be communicating the Edinburgh base's capability in improving both quality and timeliness of product development. 

We concluded that funding support would significantly bolster the business case and in December 2010 TMVS received an R&D grant of approximately £3 million.

Toshiba Medical produce some of the most advanced clinical imaging software found anywhere in the world: displaying results in five dimensions.
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Scottish Enterprise, CEO Lena Wilson says, "This is one of the biggest life sciences R&D projects we've ever supported and it demonstrates the real capabilities that Scotland has for attracting and supporting life sciences companies at a global level."

The funding helped demonstrate a cost-neutral model that ultimately secured £18 million of investment from TMSC. 

The results

Our grant has helped kick-start fresh innovation. TMVS is busy improving quality and efficiency of patient treatment. Twenty-six new jobs have been created, with a target of 100 within three years. 

Says Lena Wilson: “TMVS is part of a global operation with R&D centres worldwide. The fact that it is establishing this new centre is further proof that Scotland can compete with the best in the world.” 

Support is continuing. A £12,000 Organisational Development Support Grant, awarded by SE in May 2012, is facilitating TRIZ training to further develop internal IP. 

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