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Barclays has a 250-year-history in Scotland, and Glasgow is one its strategic sites, employing highly-skilled and motivated people, with the location having access to global markets. Scotland’s infrastructure has helped sustain that strategic location of the firm.

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Scott Stewart, Head of Scotland for Barclays, says: "Barclays Scotland is a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank, providing global services, with our two main sites being in the UK and US." 

"In Scotland, we have access to high quality real estate, world-class airport links and a renowned educational system, which is vital to us. Also fundamental to our strategy is support from and accessibility to the Scottish Government and key business support agencies."

Supporting multinational corporates 

Barclays' corporate banking oil and gas business is centered in Aberdeen, opening up an effective corridor from here to Houston, and north America more broadly; it supports many multinational corporates which invest in Scotland’s oil and gas companies that operate and export globally.

To deliver a high quality service to its customers Barclays requires a talented and flexible pool of professionals, leading Scotland to deliver an internationally-recognised bank. 

Scott Stewart sums up: “Scotland has an amazing culture and lifestyle, and it allows us to attract the top talent.”

Why expand anywhere else in the UK?

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