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As an established financial services hub Glasgow offered the perfect location for Tesco Bank's growing business - and we can help your company join them in Scotland.

Combining modern facilities with a long heritage in the sector, the International Financial Services District is a natural home for ambitious companies.

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Why Scotland is the right financial services location for Tesco Bank
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The benefits of doing business in Glasgow:

  • An existing financial services hub
  • Workforce with deep understanding of operational roles
  • Further and higher education facilities
  • A high level of good quality, qualified staff
  • Excellent transport links
  • An existing financial services infrastructure

A qualified workforce and affordability are a winning combination for Glasgow's financial services sector.

Ready to invest in Scotland?

Tesco Bank is just one of the financial services companies that are happy to Scotland home.

Our people, our commitment to innovation and our low costs and competitive taxation rates makes Scotland the perfect choice for UK, European and global centres of excellence.

And we're here to help - SDI can help you find the right location as well as helping you secure funding to attract and train the high quality staff that you'll find across Scotland.

What's stopping you investing in Scotland today?

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