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PaymentPlus provides electronic payment services to small and medium sized businesses – covering everything from car dealerships, shops and restaurants to online fashion retailers. The company’s HQ is in Ireland, and they chose to expand into Scotland primarily for its market opportunities and in-depth support available from Scottish Development International (SDI). 

Choosing Scotland

When PaymentPlus was looking for new locations, it came down to a choice between Wales and Scotland. The programme of support from SDI included initial meetings with key business figures – at the Chamber of Commerce, for example – as well as information on Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) grants and a range of other support.

“SDI was involved right from the beginning, with an engaging programme that made sense to us,” says Craig Doyle, CEO of PaymentPlus in Scotland. “Since then, we’ve made so many connections. And the business is growing as planned – by the end of 2016 we’ll have recruited around six permanent employees, with another 15 contractors on top of that.” 

Finding the right market

Scotland provides an ideal market for PaymentPlus – with lots of small and medium sized businesses that need to update the way they take payments. “Having a base in Scotland means that Scottish businesses are far more likely to do business with you – and keep on doing business with you. We have one of the highest retention rates in our sector – and referrals score highly too.”

But it’s not just about card terminals and digital infrastructure – the company has been involved in creative ways to bring hassle-free mobile payments to situations as diverse as popup shops and private airports.

The company is now looking to international markets – and will use its base in Scotland to expand its global reach. Support from SDI has already helped with their strategy, starting with developing relationships in North America.

More information on PaymentPlus can be found on the PaymentPlus website:

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