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Money Dashboard

Craig Findlay, CFO of Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard lets you see all of your finances in one place. The software aggregates information from your credit cards, current accounts, loans, mortgage and savings and visualises them on a single dashboard. It gives you an overview of everything – no matter how many different providers you use.

Support from Scottish Enterprise

Scottish Enterprise has supported Money Dashboard since 2006. Co-investment from the Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) was crucial to launching the new product, giving the company vital capital and helping it to attract further investment.

When it came to developing the product, Scottish Enterprise offered help and advice through the innovation support service – making sure that the company had all bases covered before going to market. Craig Findlay, CFO of Money Dashboard, says this support is extremely useful for continuing to develop the software.

“We meet with our account manager regularly to sound out new ideas – such as expanding our capacity for data analysis. The account manager then identifies where Scottish Enterprise can help – and point us in the direction of their services.”

For an innovative tech company in a rapidly growing market, having this level of support is essential. 

“It’s a frenetic environment, and there’s so much opportunity. It’s impossible to do everything we’d like to – but the support from Scottish Enterprise has helped to focus our efforts.”

Developing an innovative company culture

How does the company encourage innovation?

“We’ve flattened the hierarchy, and we’re encouraging an open culture,” says Craig. “One of the products we’re working on at the moment grew out of informal conversations. It’s important to encourage everyone in the company to get involved.”

Finding talent in Edinburgh

It’s not just the company structure that promotes innovation – the location matters too.

“There’s a hub effect in Edinburgh, with lots of technology companies all working alongside each other. There have been some real successes – and the city draws some of the top people from around the world.”

Edinburgh is one of the best places for technology companies to collaborate. The city is home to Codebase, the largest technology incubator in the UK, which draws some of the most promising companies together under one roof. With so many technology companies basing their operations in Edinburgh, it’s a growing community that fosters new ideas.

What’s next?

“The world of FinTech is ripe for opportunity." says Craig.

"It’s so hard for the big entrenched players to respond to such a fast-moving sector. Their monopoly has gone, which has opened up a huge space for startups – if we can convince some of the bigger companies to embrace open data, we could transform the way people manage their finances online.”

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