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Australian financial services company to open Centre of Excellence in Edinburgh.

Computershare announce Edinburgh expansion

Computershare have announced plans a for new tech centre that will create 300 jobs in Edinburgh.

The company's new technology Centre of Excellence enhances its existing operations in Edinburgh which opened in 1998, providing relationship management and registry services to around 150 listed companies in Scotland and beyond.

As a truly international capital city, Edinburgh has a bright future and is a natural home for a global company. As a growing business we need the skills and hard work we see on offer in this city.

Stuart Irving, global president and CEO, Computershare

Computershare was founded in Melbourne in 1978 and has grown to have 90 offices in 21 countries. The new Edinburgh centre will provide day-to-day technical services for the company's 16,000 staff.

Working with around 16,000 global clients and their 125 million customers, Computershare is a global leader in financial services and data management.

Why did Computershare choose Scotland?

Announcing the new technology centre - which is due to open next year - Stuart Irving, Computershare's global president and CEO, said:

"As a truly international capital city Edinburgh has a bright future and is a natural home for a global company. As a growing business we need the skills and hard work we see on offer in this city."

The Centre of Excellence will also be supported by a £2 million grant from our partners, Scottish Enterprise.

Stuart continued:

"We are grateful to the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International for helping us with our plans and are looking forward to our continued partnership."

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Why is Scotland the right choice for your next investment project?

Computershare's plans for expansion in Edinburgh coincided with the release of our annual results, which show that Scotland remains a natural destination for global foreign direct investment (FDI) projects.

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Our results - and Computershare's commitment to expanding in Edinburgh - are supported by the recent EY Scotland Attractiveness Survey 2017 which confirmed our place as the UK's leading destination for inward investment outside London for the fifth consecutive year.

EY found that Scotland's skills, transport infrastructure, local supply chains and competitive costs were important "pull" factors for new inward investors and existing investors considering expansion.

For financial services companies like Computershare, Scotland's competitive advantage is further boosted by the strength of our financial sector.

Scotland remains the most important UK financial centre outside London with a track record in servicing global markets.

By expanding in Edinburgh, Computershare is well placed to make the most of our exceptional local talent and our strong heritage in financial services.

Visiting the site of the new technology centre, Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, said:

"Scotland is open for business and continues to be a very attractive location for investment, as evidenced by the recent EY Attractiveness survey, which noted that Scotland was the top UK location for foreign direct investment outside London for the fifth consecutive year.

"Together with the inward investment figures published by SDI, this offers further evidence that we have the skills and expertise to attract and retain global companies like Computershare."

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