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pureLifi is a pioneer of a new method of wireless communication which will revolutionise the entire sector.

WiFi - LiFi House illustration

Co-founded in 2012 as a spin-out from Edinburgh University by chief scientific officer, Professor Harald Haas, who is widely acknowledged as the father of LiFi, pureLiFi’s pioneering technology represents the future of wireless communications.

Akin to WiFi, LiFi offers high-speed, bi-directional and networked internet access via light, using pulsating LED light imperceptible to the human eye to send data from one LiFi-equipped device to another.

The technology offers numerous benefits and advantages over other wireless networking systems like WiFi and 4G, including:

  • Increased security
  • Ability to operate in electromagnetic sensitive areas
  • Ease of deployment
  • Cost savings
  • Ability to combine lighting and data communications infrastructure

pureLiFi has developed LiFi-X, the world's fastest, smallest and most secure LiFi system. It supports multiple access, roaming, complete mobility and ease of use, providing a user experience that is comparable to and more secure than existing wireless technologies like WiFi.

Understandably, pureLiFi’s novel offering has attracted the interest of international business and academic communities as well as the global media.

A bright future ahead

In July 2016, PureLifi raised over £7 million in a funding round led by Singapore-based investment company Temasek to support the development and commercialisation of their technology. They recently partnered with French company Lucibel, who have produced the world’s first industrialised LiFi solution on the market.  

Invaluable support

As well as partly supporting the company with covering the cost of delegation fees, travel and accommodation when attending trade shows, we have assisted pureLiFi with all the necessary arrangements for deploying their products at exhibitions.

We have also worked closely with pureLiFi to develop promotional materials for events and secure meetings with potential customers and partners, helping them to increase the profile of their products.

Doing business in Scotland

pureLiFi has succeeded in developing an entirely new technology that will undoubtedly influence the path that future wireless communications technology will take.

To achieve this, pureLiFi required access to specialists in fields such as optics, chip design, digital signal processing, networking and cyber security. As a university spin-out, pureLiFi has found that the innovative research and development taking place at universities including Strathclyde, Herriot Watt, St Andrews, Glasgow and Edinburgh provides them with the expertise that they need.

Professor Haas explained: “As an emerging technology, LiFi requires specific conditions to flourish. Given the renowned strengths of its universities in engineering and technology, Scotland has offered pureLiFi a supportive environment in which to operate and grow.

“However, the novel nature of LiFi means that pureLiFi is literally at the forefront, creating an entirely new sector. As a result, we need to work extra hard to push this market forward and prove its commercial value and overwhelming potential. This can be difficult in a local market the size of Scotland. SDI has provided invaluable assistance, helping us to access new markets and opportunities far beyond our borders.”.

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