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Orion Health opened an office in Glasgow to take on a major project with one of the largest health boards in the UK.

Orion Health software

How do you manage the health of an entire population? How can you make healthcare more personalised? How can you create a single overview of a patient record that draws together information from consultants, GPs, nurses, social care, families, friends, communities and other care organisations – the entire circle of care?

These are the questions that Orion Health finds answers to. It’s a health-specific software company that builds global healthcare platforms. Its software is used in 17 countries, and there are over 100 million patient records on its systems. 

Orion Health’s headquarters are in Auckland, New Zealand. The company set up an office in Glasgow in February 2015 to better serve its clients here. It took on a major project with the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board - using the Orion Health Amadeus platform to create electronic health records in hospitals.

Why choose Scotland?

“That’s where the talent is,” says Nick Willox, sales director for Orion Health. “Recruiting here has been very rewarding. The west of Scotland is a rich hunting ground for staff with clinical expertise, project management, and support staff.

“Scotland has also invested a lot in Glasgow and the Glasgow area, with a very good university and excellent links between hospitals and academia. And because the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board is one of the largest in Europe, we were very interested in supporting them.”

Strategic direction

The Scottish Government’s eHealth strategy has driven the growth in the sector. “Lots of healthcare companies locate in Scotland,” says Nick. “And we want to be close to where the action is in eHealth. We’ve demonstrated how our products are aligned with the direction of travel for eHealth – they’re a good fit for the Scottish Government’s vision.”

Collaborative by nature

Scotland’s health community is very collaborative, says Nick. “Scotland’s geography lends itself well to communication and collaboration. There are good communication links and the healthcare sector meets regularly as a national body.”

The project: create a single view of patient records

Orion Health tackled a big problem for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. “All developed countries recognise the need to provide better access to healthcare data. In Scotland, as in other parts of the UK, health boards have a multitude of systems, but no system to bring it all together to give you one single view.

“By using our software, we’ve allowed health boards and more recently, local authorities to bring information together from many different systems. The result? Safer, more effective care. And the care teams are one step further along in the move to a paperless environment.”

Support from SDI

“The support we had from Scottish Development International was excellent. SDI was instrumental in helping us find the right location, and in securing the high-profile opening of our office by Shona Robinson MSP, minister for health and wellbeing,” says Nick.

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