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Picture the scenario: you're located in a leading UK technology centre and surrounded by thousands of skilled tech professionals. Next, you realise the data industry in Scotland is worth around a healthy £17 billion. What do you do? Answer: grow a successful data innovation centre, helping organisations to flourish in Scotland.  

The Data Lab innovation centre was launched in 2014 to help companies and organisations take advantage of opportunities to make better use of data. 

The organisation helps industry, public sector and university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities through collaboration. Its core mission is to help organisations generate significant economic, social and scientific value from data. 

How? With a Scotland-wide presence and hubs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, it's in close proximity to industry and university institutions using leading research in informatics and computer science. Hubs focus on building relationships locally and delivering a range of activities spanning The Data Lab’s three key areas: 

  • Collaborative innovation
  • Skills and training
  • Community building

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Data is at the heart of growth

Gillian Docherty, CEO of The Data Lab, explained:

"The Data Lab is an innovation centre. We are here to help organisations innovate through the use of data science and analytics, to help drive economic value and create high value jobs for Scotland.

"If you look at the growing digital and technology sector in Scotland, and the fantastic opportunity being created across the Scottish landscape, data is fundamentally at the heart of many of those businesses."

The Data Lab helps to fuel that growth in Scotland's digital sector by helping to:

  • Deliver near-to-market technology and research by supporting collaborative projects between industry and academia
  • Develop a pipeline of talented data scientists to help companies like yours enjoy the business benefits of data
  • Connect researchers and data scientists with industry, allowing companies to collaborate on solutions to key challenges

Attracting worldwide talent

Scotland has a clear competitive advantage when it comes to using data to stimulate economic growth. And this is a welcome benefit to organisations, including Scottish fintechs with highly-skilled tech professionals who excel in making data work hard for businesses.

Gillian Docherty said:

"Scotland has the academic acumen and the talent to be able to innovate in the use of data.

"We are attracting worldwide talent, who are coming not only to study in Scotland but also to stay in Scotland and get access to great careers and opportunities."

By working with Scotland's talented people, you can ensure that your data delivers the unique business insights you need to help your company grow.

Connected for data

The Data Lab's bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen mean its staff are close to important industry hubs across a range of sectors.

But, as Gillian Docherty explained, Scotland's infrastructure makes it easy to build connections across the country and beyond:

"Scotland feels very connected. Despite the fact that we're based in three different locations, we work as one team.

"We find it very easy to get to the rest of the UK, Europe and globally."

And The Data Lab itself plays a key role in building connections between industry, the public sector and Scotland's universities to ensure the benefits of data science are delivered across our economy.

A festival of data innovation

The Data Lab is also responsible for DataFest, Scotland's first festival to celebrate all things data. 

The event explores the success, challenges and future of data innovation, giving people in the sector the opportunity to network with international talent, academic leaders and fellow data enthusiasts. 

DataFest 2018 will take place from 19-23 March.

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Join Scotland's data revolution

Offering skilled talent, a £17 billion opportunity and the chance to be part of innovative data science community, Scotland is a great choice for your data science investment. Want to find out more about what's happening in our data science industry?

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