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Scotland has a long history of innovation in financial markets, as well as a big pool of computer science graduates. That's why Avaloq chose Scotland as a base from which to develop their latest banking software.

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Simon Kauth, MD of Avaloq Innovation Ltd.
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Simon Kauth, MD of Avaloq Innovation Ltd, explains why the Swiss company decided on Scotland and how SDI gave them access to a network of the right people.

Avaloq makes banking software, so it made sense to be geographically close to one of their biggest markets. The company also needs plenty of high-achieving graduates to fuel its growth, setting up in a country with the highest concentration of top universities in Europe was a natural choice. 

SDI helped Avaloq make contacts in Scotland's top universities, as well as helping the company to choose the right location. And the best thing about SDI's help? 'It's an unbiased party you can trust,' says Mr Kauth.

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