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Skymoons is a big deal in Chinese mobile gaming. A really big deal.

Its mobile game, The Journey of the Flower, has reached numbers that most games studios can only dream of - 200 million RMB in revenue (over £23 million) per month and more than 10 million active users. But Skymoons wasn’t content with its success in the Chinese gaming world – it wanted to expand into the global digital entertainment market.

That’s where Scotland came in.

After visiting Edinburgh and seeing the potential in the gaming industry there, Skymoons decided that it was the perfect location for developing its mobile multiplayer online games (MMOs).

The establishment of Skymoons' new studio in Scotland is a game changer, and an exciting opportunity for those who make up the strong resource of locally-based talent.

Michael Boniface, director of Skymoons Edinburgh

Skymoons has brought on Michael Boniface, who formerly worked for Reloaded Productions, as the director of Skymoons Edinburgh. Michael has drawn on his extensive experience in the Scottish games sector to help identify the talent needed to support the new studio, which will employ 21 games developers initially.

Michael said: “Skymoons' new studio in Scotland is a game changer, and an exciting opportunity for those who make up the strong resource of locally-based talent. I am very pleased to represent Skymoons in this venture. We are delighted to work so closely with Scottish Development International to bring this plan to fruition and are confident that it will have great success.”

Why Scotland?

We provided Skymoons with support to help it select Edinburgh as the base for its new studio, allowing it to tap into Scotland's dynamic games industry.

Access to skills was a key driver in Skymoons' decision to locate in Edinburgh. Not only is Edinburgh home to games developers with extensive industry experience, but the city offers access to skilled tech graduates from its universities and tech incubators like CodeBase.

Scotland’s skills in tech and gaming extend far beyond the capital. Skymoons can also benefit from the relationship between the University of Abertay, the first university in the world to offer a degree-level computer games course, and the University of Beijing. This will ensure that the company has access to the skilled, bilingual games developers that it needs.

Quality of life was another reason that Skymoons chose Edinburgh.

“Edinburgh offers an excellent quality of life with easy access to the outdoors, excellent schools and a competitive cost of living. A truly international cosmopolitan city with an exciting and varied cultural scene, it acts as a great draw to attracting international talent,” said Michael.

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