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When Richard and Douglas Hare decided to create a new company to develop games for mobile and social network platforms, the brothers were based in California.

But when it came to finding a base for their new company, they quickly realised that Scotland offered the perfect location.

An existing relationship with our staff helped the brothers explore all that Scotland has to offer companies operating in the games industry.

The perfect location for Outplay

And that led them to bring Outplay Entertainment to Dundee in 2011.

Douglas Hare, Outplay's CEO, said:

"We made the decision it was going to be perfect for us to locate the company here.

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"It was very important for us that we were going to be able to go to a place that was on a tech basis, world class."

And by locating in Dundee, Outplay would have access to Scotland's growing skill base. Douglas continued:

"Most important for a business like us is available talent, being able to go in and rather than having to build talent out of nowhere, know there is a great level of experience and expertise.

"There were really very few places in the world that had experience doing social network games or mobile games, both of which were being done in Dundee."

A global phenomenon

From their Dundee base, Outplay have been able to connect with global partners and become part of a global phenomenon. As Douglas explains:

"The company has five games live in the market right now. Some of the bigger known ones will be Angry Birds Pop. It's a game that we did in collaboration with the Finnish company Rovio.

Outplay in Scotland

"Angry Birds is a global phenomenon that's been downloaded over three billion times worldwide. It's probably one of the best know franchises in the world."

Dundee remains the company's main base and Outplay has grown to employ 115 staff.

And, thanks to the skills and experience available across the country, Scotland offers the perfect location for further expansion. Douglas said:

"If the company became so successful that it required further growth, there's Glasgow, there's Edinburgh, there's lots of places in Scotland that we could open up another location and start tapping the talent there."

Scotland's games sector

Connected for games

It's not just our talented people that make Scotland a natural location for games companies.

A phenomenal place

Scotland is a phenomenal place to both visit and ultimately to live. We have some of the best universities in the world. There's no question that Scotland is one of the most connected places in the world.

Douglas Hare, founder and CEO, Outplay

Working with our partners in Scottish Enterprise we were able to help Outplay to secure financial assistance to set up in Dundee.

When the company was ready to expand, we were also able to connect them with private investors to fund Outplay's growth.

Our expanding creative industries sector is home to a dynamic cluster over one hundred games companies - and they can take credit for titles like Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings, APB Reloaded and Bloons.

We also enjoy and excellent quality of life thanks to our transport infrastructure and stunning scenery.

And, with software developer costs over 40% lower than California and London, Scotland offers a low cost location.

It's time to connect with Scotland.

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