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Ingenza secured funding for three biotechnology projects. The company is developing new synthetic routes to manufacturing high value chemicals like pharmaceutical intermediates.

Ingenza biotechnology

 One project will develop a bioprocess to replace the current petrochemical route to a large volume platform chemical. The funding will also support Ingenza’s biologicals and biofuels manufacturing processes, providing insight to the genomic location of DNA modifications which have yielded process improvements.

Ingenza develops and applies engineered microbes for industrial use and operates from state-of-the-art facilities at The Roslin BioCentre on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Ingenza’s team has over 25 years of expertise in molecular genetics, enzymology, fermentation and bioprocess development.

Dr Ian Fotheringham, President of Ingenza commented on the funding’s influence, “Technology Strategy Board support is a key driver of innovation in UK biotechnology and I am  thrilled that we have been awarded this funding to expand the industrial applicability of our production organisms”.

The awards will further enhance Ingenza’s position at the forefront of industrial and synthetic biotechnology worldwide.

More information on funding from the Technology Strategy Board can be found on their website:

Technology Strategy Board