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Sykes is a leading global business services company with over 45000 employees in over 20 countries worldwide.   

The company's UK operations include centres in Edinburgh and Galashiels. 

Welcome to Scotland

Investing in Scotland offers:

  • Critical mass and expertise
  • High quality staff
  • One of Europe's lowest tax rates
  • SDI support 

Scotland's business services industry (PDF)

Scotland has a rich history of helping businesses grow and Sykes is no exception. Basing their outsourcing operations in Scotland helps Sykes: 

  • Overseas businesses get started in Europe 
  • Deliver support to companies with complex multilingual customer support requirements 
  • Companies to scale as their business grows

Sykes in Scotland

Sykes opened their Edinburgh centre in 1995 and today the facility has a 566 seat capacity. 

Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week the centre provides support in 18 languages to global customers. 

The Edinburgh centre offers expertise in: 

  • Call centre/customer contact support
  • Technical support 
  • Cross and up selling
  • E-commerce
  • Client finance 

Galashiels, just 40 minutes to the south of Edinburgh, has been home to a Sykes base since 1997 with a new facility opening in 2012. 

The centre has capacity for 200 seats with the surrounding area providing a strong and stable support infrastructure. 

Why Scotland? 

Having enjoyed a long relationship with Scotland, Sykes continue to see their centres as playing a key role in their global operations. 

The award-winning support provided by their Edinburgh staff includes a shared resource model giving clients even better value for money. 

Sykes in Scotland

And, in Scotland, Sykes have found: 

  • A highly skilled  and readily available workforce 
  • Language capabilities that support global operations and help increase flexibility and reduce costs 
  • A strong work ethic and low absence rates
  • An advanced IT and telecoms infrastructure
  • Competitive costs 

Ready to join Sykes in Scotland? 

SDI has enjoyed a long relationship with Sykes, supporting the company to raise its profile and secure new contracts.

We've also helped the company secure funding for staff training in Scotland. And we're here to help your company invest in Scotland too: 

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