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NewGalexy has its sights firmly set on success in the international marketplace for legal services. Deciding to locate its new office in Scotland in 2013 was a key step in the journey.


Perhaps the first part of the company’s name gives a hint that NewGalexy isn’t a company that’s stands on tradition, or sits in wood-panelled rooms. Self-described as a legal solutions provider, rather than a law firm, reinforces the different approach the company takes. Nor should their relative youth be correlated with any lack of experience. Co-founder Robert Glennie can point to more than 30 years’ experience, with a sizeable chunk of that time spent with one of the UK’s leading law firms.

Scotland’s wealth of legal talent and attractive cost base were two key factors that made locating here appealing to us. The country also has good air transport links with services to the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Robert Glennie, co-founder of NewGalexy

One thing Robert learnt during these years is that there is a real alternative to ‘big law’. He had developed his own ideas about how to help big organisations implement changes — innovation and technology play key roles in bringing these ideas to life.

The need to expand

NewGalexy was launched in the early part of the century. Their offices in London and Mumbai were later joined by a sales presence in Sydney. While many international organisations liked what NewGalexy was offering in Mumbai, the location just wasn’t right for some potential clients. Data protection issues were the nub of the problem for European customers, and made them reluctant to send some of their work to that part of the world. The company needed to find a new centre to serve the European market.

Finding a location

Though a Scot himself, Robert followed his head rather than his heart before choosing Glasgow for the company’s new base. Belfast and a number of English cities were also put under the microscope, but Scotland had enough of an edge to emerge as the top candidate. As Robert explains, “Scotland’s wealth of legal talent and attractive cost base were two key factors that made locating here appealing to us. The country also has good air transport links, with services to the Middle East, Europe and the United States.”

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Today they employ around 20 people in Glasgow, with a further 50 plus globally. Robert considers NewGalexy to be a global company with a strong base in Scotland.

Help along the way

Setting up a new operation in a different country is a challenge for any organisation and NewGalexy values the initial support to move here that they received from Scottish Development International. Now that they’re here, Scottish Enterprise continues to support them with their internationalisation plans. “Our introduction to the GlobalScot network has been useful for building our international business contacts, and also gaining some valuable insights into business practices in different cultures,” says Robert. The company collaborates with law firms and business sector specialists in Australia and aims to expand that model across Europe and America.

A second string

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While providing an innovative professional service remains at the core of its business, the company has found equal success as a global specialist technology provider. Their cloud-based ContractPod is a breath of fresh air compared to much of the legal support software that has come before it. Powerful and intuitive, it’s used by legal firms and multinational companies to automate the creation of their contracts and to manage their contract portfolio. And because NewGalexy employs lawyers themselves they can also support users by loading legacy contracts on to the system. There are plans afoot to launch a similar product specifically for real estate documents.

Robert concludes, “In the legal industry there’s a lot of talk about transformation. We see technology playing an ever-increasing role in delivering legal services, and we plan to be at the forefront of that trend.”

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