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The world on our doorstep

Invest in Scotland and you'll be close to some huge markets.

Your business operations will run smoothly thanks to our connected cities and connections to global markets.

The UK is the world’s eighth largest economy and is number two for purchasing power in Europe. With a global network of offices and in-depth knowledge of Scotland, we're here to help every step of the way.

Our connections

Whether it’s to London, Europe, or the rest of the world, Scotland is very well-connected.

Five international airports offering 150 destinations make, for example, a quick hour’s flight to London or a longer-haul one to New York simple.

You can travel between Edinburgh and Glasgow in under an hour by train, and London is less than five hours away. Major motorway roads head south too, while a freight ferry service connects with Northern Europe.

More on Scotland's connections

Edinburgh Waverley station with light path

A world of opportunity

We're committed to boosting Scotland's exports. Why not join us?

  1. Scotland's exports reached  £75.6 billion in 2016
  2. Scotland's top five export markets by country are USA, Netherlands, France, Germany and Norway
  3. Scotland's food and drink sector contributed 18.3% of our overseas exports, worth £5.5 billion in 2016
  4. Exports are varied and growing - for example, Scotland's professional, scientific and technical industries boast exports of £1 billion
  5. Scottish companies are constantly exploring new markets - Scotland's textiles industry alone exports to over 150 countries
Source: Scottish Government export statistics 2018

A global phenomenon

From its Dundee base, Outplay has been able to connect with overseas partners and become part of a global phenomenon.

And, thanks to the skills and experience available across the country, Scotland offers the perfect location for further expansion.

Why Outplay chose Scotland

If the company became so successful that it required further growth, there's Glasgow, there's Edinburgh, there's lots of places in Scotland that we could open up another location and start tapping the talent there.

Douglas Hare, CEO of Outplay

A connected base for your company

Some examples of Scotland's easy connections.

  1. Six main airports with 11 serving outlying areas such as the Shetland and Orkney Islands
  2. An hour to fly to London and Scotland's airports offer hundreds of flights each week
  3. Edinburgh Airport is Scotland's busiest, handling over 12 million passengers a year - around 33 airlines fly to 130 destinations
  4. Glasgow International Airport is Scotland's long-haul gateway, with regular flights to the Middle East, the USA and Canada. It handles over 9 million passengers each year
  5. Scotland's modern, comprehensive road network has less traffic density than other parts of the UK

How can we help

Our global staff can answer your questions about locating in Scotland.

We can also help you find funding support and help you establish and grow your business in Scotland.

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We needed a location that was at the heart of the financial industry while also being a hub for current and upcoming talent in the technology field.

Chris Zwicker, managing director of Avaloq Innovation