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Reasons to locate your business in Scotland

Seven of the most compelling benefits of being in Scotland.

  1. A highly skilled workforce – over 10,000 students a year graduate in software and digitally related disciplines from Scotland’s world leading universities. (Source: HESA, 2015)
  2. A growing economy with strong tech cluster – over a thousand companies in the technology sector and many more in other industries such as oil and gas, renewables and healthcare, all requiring support services from digital technology companies.
  3. A track record of investment – an attractive investment location with over 200 technology related companies investing in Scotland in the last 5 years, including CGI, Avaloq and Lockheed Martin.
  4. Access to UK and global market opportunities – Scotland is globally connected with strong links to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.
  5. An excellent innovation infrastructure - including universities and innovation labs, designed to encourage collaboration and partnering opportunities between companies in digital health care, big data and sensors and imaging. A robust regulatory environment and access to finance and incentives.
  6. A fantastic quality of life – the low commuting times, beautiful countryside and buzzing cultural life all contribute to Scotland regularly featuring in the best places in the UK to live.
  7. English speaking - but with multi-lingual capabilities.

Are you connected to Scotland's tech skills?

Scotland has the skills that your tech company needs, thanks to our educated workforce, highly ranked universities and innovative research facilities.

With over 161,000 people employed in more than 10,000 technology and engineering companies, internationally-renowned universities and top data science research facilities, it's no wonder that so many tech companies find the skilled staff they need in Scotland.

Connect to Scotland's technology skills

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Why Edinburgh is a great place for tech

Did you know that Edinburgh secured more investment than any other tech cluster outside of London in 2016?

Scotland’s capital was also named “Entrepreneurial City of the Year” at the 2016 Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

In short, it’s a pretty good place to do business, especially for technology companies. Here’s why.

4 reasons why Edinburgh is a top tech location

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Why Spire chose Scotland

Skilled talent, access to risk capital and the support we offer to innovative companies are among the top reasons that Californian satellite-based data specialists Spire chose to set up in Scotland.

“In terms of character, work ethic and passion for what they do, we have found the people that we have been able to attract in Scotland to be absolutely world-class.” - Peter Platzer, CEO of Spire

Case studies

The First Minister meeting Xilinx

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Xilinx invests nearly £5 million in its Edinburgh research centre

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Stream Technologies: well connected to the IoT

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Thomas Bayes Centre building with people walking in front of it


Intel and Edinburgh University: the transformation of data science

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