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Scotland: the perfect 'living lab' test bed

8 reasons to test and commercialise smart products here.

  1. Collaboration opportunities with a cluster of over 120 organisations from transport, ICT, engineering and energy working in this space
  2. A unique countrywide ‘living lab’ with industry, academia, government and city regions to help you test, develop and sell your products and services
  3. Joined up new product introduction ecosystem to help you validate and prove your technologies
  4. Specialisation in transport systems, ICT and energy convergence with host of highly skilled professionals to tap in to across these sectors
  5. Ideal environment to develop future energy management solutions for sustainable buildings
  6. Low carbon buildings and sustainable construction offers through our governmental drive towards a smarter, greener built environment
  7. Public/private sector collaboration that stimulates industry to adopt innovative building techniques
  8. Support to export in to global markets faster than your competitors

Connected cities and smart mobility

With 70% of the global population expected to live in cities by 2050, there is an increasing recognition that they need to be able to function efficiently and cost effectively. Integration and connection through smart technologies are seen to be the necessary solution.

Scotland provides a collaborative community of companies working in this area and aiming to make our cities smart. SDI can open doors with these companies and other potential collaborative partners, such as universities. We can also smooth your journey to locate Scotland and help you grow when you're here.

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Innovative smart build technologies developed in Scotland

Scotland is an ideal location to develop future energy management solutions for sustainable buildings.

With global demand for sustainable cities growing, innovative technology companies in Scotland are delivering smart built environment solutions that dramatically reduce costs and CO2 emissions.

More about smart build technologies in Scotland

Infrastructure in Sccotland. Fast and secure.

Sustainable Glasgow

The Scottish city with the aim to be one of the smartest in Europe.

Improving quality of life in the city, boosting the economy and protecting the environment are all goals of Sustainable Glasgow, with activities ranging from implementation and installation of electric car charging points, smart LED street lights and renewable energy schemes.

The initiative was formed to make Glasgow a world-leading centre for sustainable policy, innovation and action and was the winning city of the UK’s Technology Strategy Board Future Cities Demonstrator competition.

With opportunities for technology solutions to make the city better for it’s residents, could your company provide a solution?

More on the Future City Glasgow website

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