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Why choose Scotland for data science?

6 reasons to invest

  1. Skills - The Data Lab innovation centre is working with industry and Scotland's 14 university computing science schools to create a pipeline of data scientists and engineers
  2. Over 150 companies actively engaged in creating data-based products and solutions, and thousands more looking to adopt them
  3. Access to data markets and sophisticated supply chains in financial services, energy/oil and gas, healthcare and the public sector
  4. R&D excellence in data and a thriving environment supporting entrepreneurship and commercial growth
  5. The Data Lab innovation centre offers collaboration between academia, industry and government
  6. Innovation in data science - Worldwide reputation of our university research base in data

Get support from The Data Lab

The Data Lab is an innovation centre that helps companies and organisations take advantage of opportunities to make better use of data. With hubs in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, it’s in close proximity to industry and university institutions with leading research in informatics and computer science.

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Data markets in Scotland

Scotland is the ideal base for businesses looking to benefit from growing data markets across a number of sectors:

  • Energy/oil and gas - Huge amounts of data are being collected as the move towards the digital oilfield means that more sensors are being used – there is also an exercise underway to collate data mapping across the whole North Sea Basin
  • Health and care - Our stable population and extensive patient data make Scotland the perfect location for the development of new healthcare solutions based around informatics
  • Financial services - The financial technology industry has seen rapid growth over the past few years, with data analytics and predictive modelling being key areas of interest 
  • Digital industries - Many global businesses have based their digital assets in Scotland, including Amazon’s European Development Centre, SAS, CGI and Deloitte Digital, Oracle, HPE, DXC and Leidos
  • Government - Government is contributing to the data opportunity in two areas: a commitment to making public data open, and using data to drive efficiency and affordability 
Thomas Bayes Centre building with people walking in front of it

Intel and Edinburgh University – inside the transformation of data science

The University of Edinburgh has always been at the centre of cutting-edge work in data science

Thanks to a new partnership with Intel through the Alan Turing Institute, they’re helping to develop algorithms that will influence the future of computing and data analytics.

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Big on big data skills

Scotland is known internationally for academic expertise in big data, and it’s easy to see why

Here are just some of our big data experts:

Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance

SICSA is a collaboration of 14 Scottish universities that supports co-operative working, mutual support and sharing facilities. It works with companies to transfer advance research to industry and informs researchers of current industry problems.

University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

The EPCC’s Advanced Computing Facility houses some of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, as well as the UK Research Data Facility, which includes 15PB of disk storage and a 20PB backup storage system.

University of Glasgow – The Urban Big Data Centre

The UBDC brings together the interdisciplinary expertise of urban social scientists and data scientists from the University of Glasgow and six partner universities to address social, economic and environmental challenges facing cities.

Scotland's tech skills

Managing director of Asystec, Les Byrne

The ideal launchpad for international markets

Irish company Asystec established a big data centre of excellence in Livingston to get access to the skilled talent pool in the east of Scotland around the School of Informatics in Edinburgh.

Why Asystec chose Scotland

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