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Scotland suits software projects

Scotland's software industry is experiencing significant growth

The software industry in Scotland is booming. Driven by factors such as fresh new talent from world-leading universities, a demand for new software solutions from other growing sectors and a nationwide superfast broadband network, the industry is growing at a faster rate than anywhere else in the UK, outside London (43.4% compared to 31.3% over the last five years, KPMG, December 2015).

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Technology graduates

Why choose Scotland for software?

4 reasons to invest

  • Access to skills - Scotland produces more than 70,000 graduates each year, with around 5,000 in IT subjects and another 10,000 in maths, engineering and science
  • Our growing tech cluster - Scotland is home to a large software community ranging from start-ups to multinationals
  • Competitive costs - Scottish salary costs are among the lowest in Europe, offering high quality skills at affordable costs
  • Our innovation labs - designed to encourage collaboration and partnering opportunities between companies in key technology sectors, such as data, sensors, digital health and oil and gas

CGI: connected to Scotland's software opportunities

Why this global IT services company is thriving in Scotland

Maggie Morrison from CGI Scotland explains how access to business opportunities and a great quality of life have helped the company grow and flourish here.

Thomas Bayes Centre building with people walking in front of it

Intel and Edinburgh University – inside the transformation of data science

The University of Edinburgh has always been at the centre of cutting-edge work in data science

Thanks to a new partnership with Intel through the Alan Turing Institute, they’re helping to develop algorithms that will influence the future of computing and data analytics.

Find out more about their collaboration

With all the wonderful talent that we’ve managed to bring aboard in Edinburgh, we know we’ve made the right decision...SDI has been integral in helping Actify discover the benefits and opportunities that Scotland has to offer.

Chris Jones, Actify president and CEO

Scotland’s software industry is built on solid ground

Modern-day equivalents of inventors John Logie Baird and Alexander Graham Bell continue to push the boundaries of the software industry

Homegrown success stories aren't hard to spot - just look at 'unicorns' like Skyscanner and FanDuel. But in Scotland, the locals don't have a monopoly on the talent - large multinationals like Oracle and HP have established a presence here too. Want to find out why?

More on software in Scotland

Cows in a field

The right skills in the right place

Skills availability was a key factor in Irish farm software company Farmflo’s decision to launch an R&D centre in Glasgow

The company is keen to tap into local talent as it explores opportunities around the Internet of Things, with sensor network data helping farmers make management decisions.

Why Farmflo chose Scotland

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