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Why you should locate your business in Scotland

  • Our workforce – a large number of graduates in tech disciplines from world leading universities
  • Our growing tech cluster – a range of innovative start-ups to significant multinationals based in growing hubs
  • Our strong economy – diverse sectors requiring support from tech companies
  • Our innovation labs - designed to encourage collaboration and partnering opportunities between companies in digital health care, big data and sensors and imaging

Connected to Scotland's software opportunities

Why global IT services company CGI is thriving in Scotland

Maggie Morrison from CGI Scotland explains how access to business opportunities and a great quality of life have helped the company grow and flourish here.

Scotland’s software industry is built on solid ground

Modern-day equivalents of inventors John Logie Baird and Alexander Graham Bell continue to push the boundaries of the software industry

Homegrown success stories aren't hard to spot - just look at 'unicorns' like Skyscanner and FanDuel. But in Scotland, the locals don't have a monopoly on the talent - large multinationals like Oracle and HP have established a presence here too. Want to find out why?

More on software in Scotland

Our initial investments allowed SAS to see the real Scottish potential, with easy access to Europe, the excellent pool of talent from universities and its strong culture of innovation.

Mikael Hagstrom, executive vice president, SAS

The right skills in the right place

Skills availability was a key factor in Irish farm software company Farmflo’s decision to launch an R&D centre in Glasgow

The company is keen to tap into local talent as it explores opportunities around the Internet of Things, with sensor network data outputs enriching farmer data to help inform management decisions.

Why Farmflo chose Scotland

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Software case studies and insights


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10 tech stars to watch in Scotland

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Why Scotland is the perfect home for tech companies

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Computing and software

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