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Man showing a model of a wind farm to a young man and woman

Abundant resources

Scotland has 25% of Europe's offshore wind and tidal resource.

Scotland's huge renewable energy resources offer huge opportunities: investing in Scotland means access to potential capital contracts worth tens of billions and huge export revenue.

And 49% of Scotland's electricity demand was met by renewable sources in 2014.

Outstanding locations

Scotland's renewable energy sites are close to Enterprise Areas and deepwater ports.

By investing in Scotland you'll be able to take advantage of an infrastructure that's ready to support your renewable project.

And you'll also have a manufacturing base that's ideally located to serve the Scottish, UK, European and global markets.

Scottish Energy Ports directory

Exceptional experience

Europe's leading energy hub.

Scotland can boast decades of experience in the oil and gas industry and today we're home to 2000 supply chain companies and 200,000 staff.

Our energy experience is globally recognised. By investing in Scotland's renewable energy industry you'll have access to highly qualified staff and a wide range of proven suppliers with the ability to diversify into the renewables market.


Unrivalled support

We're here to help your investment in Scotland.

Scotland has a supportive business environment - and there's a range of support available to help your investment in our renewable energy sector.

£200 million of public funds are available to support renewable energy projects. And we can also help you find the right location, attract the right staff and meet the partners and suppliers who can make your project a success.


Unique capabilities

World class research, development and demonstration facilities.

By investing in Scotland you'll benefit from the world's largest energy research group, a platform for our universities to help the renewable energy industry develop innovative technology, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

We're also home to some of the world's leading development and demonstration facilities, helping your project make the most of our skilled workforce and extensive infrastructure. 

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Whether you're ready to invest or just want to chat about a potential project, we're here to help.

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