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Subsea engineering

Subsea engineering in Scotland

40% of the world’s subsea wells are located off our shores. We’ve also spent half-a-century producing oil in challenging conditions of the North Sea.

This means Scotland’s experience in subsea oil and gas cannot be matched.

Our companies lead the way in the optimisation of subsea technologies and processes. We are home to world-leading institutions and experts in the areas of marine, subsea and pipelines.

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An extensive support network

Invest in Scotland and you'll be have access to specialist subsea organisations and a range of options for financial support.

Subsea UK  

The subsea industry organisation, promoting international opportunities for its membership from across the supply chain. 

National Subsea Research Institute 

Based in Aberdeen, the Institute helps businesses fast-track their technology and expertise to the market. 

Our support

We're here to help your company.

Our global network of offices can help you make connections with the subsea industry in Scotland.

And we've got a range of financial support available. 

So, by investing in Scotland's oil and gas industry, you'll benefit from tax allowances, R&D grants, Regional Selective Assistance funding and more.

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Almost half the world's subsea installations are in the North Sea

It's little wonder that our subsea engineering companies are among the best in the world.

Our subsea sector has experience and expertise. And the skills they've developed working with the Scottish oil and gas industry can boost projects across the world.

We're committed to making it easier for companies like yours to find partners, suppliers and investment opportunities in Scotland.

Scotland's subsea action plan highlights our strengths and sets out how we'll work to make our subsea sector truly international.

Read the plan

Subsea engineering in Scotland

Access to talent like we have here is what makes Scotland so important

GE Oil & Gas first invested in Scotland in 2007. Today the expertise of their Scottish workforce is exported around the world.

Why would GE export 20 subsea trees from Scotland to Perth, Australia?   

It's simple - the expertise needed to make them isn't available anywhere but Scotland. And talent like that makes Scotland's subsea engineering sector a natural home for investment.

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