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Connect with Scotland's oil and gas industry

We've got the people, the resources, the expertise and the experience.

These are challenging times. But Scotland's oil and gas industry remains respected throughout the world, a global reputation for excellence forged by decades of experience in harsh environment of the North Sea.

From our world-leading training facilities to innovative companies working at every stage of the supply chain, Scotland's oil and gas industry will let you make the most of your investment. And we'll be here to support your company every step of the way.

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Scotland's global oil and gas impact

Brilliantly connected for oil and gas

Join an industry that's committed to making the most of global opportunities.

Every oil and gas markets is facing up to current challenges. But Scotland's expertise remains in global demand.

By investing in Scotland's oil and gas industry you'll be joining a sector that achieved record breaking exports in 2014 and has a global reputation for excellence. From Scotland, your company can make the most of opportunities in every major oil and gas market in the world.

Our global impact

Why choose Scotland?

7 reasons to invest in Scotland's oil & gas industry.

  1. Experience - we've been making the most of resources in the inhospitable North Sea for over four decades   
  2. Resources - we're estimated to have the largest oil reserves in the European Union
  3. Connections - you'll benefit from a global marketplace with Scottish oil & gas exports reaching £12.2 billion in 2014 
  4. Skills- With around 45% of the UK's 375,000 oil and gas workers,we've got the people you need
  5. Support - you'll find financial assistance and tax incentives 
  6. Expertise - almost 2000 supply chain firms with the skills to support your company 
  7. Innovation - a long history of innovation and various funding options to support R&D

Get financial support

By investing in Scotland your company will have access to talented staff - and a comprehensive range of financial support.

We're here to support Scotland's oil and gas industry. And that means supporting inward investors.

It's one of the reasons why companies like FMC, Clough and iRes-Geo choose to base their international operations in Scotland.

By investing in Scotland your company will be at the heart of Europe's oil and gas industry.

And, along with competitive costs, you'll benefit from tax incentives, financial assistance to attract quality staff, funding for R&D and innovation and a network of Enterprise Areas with reduced business rates.

Supporting you investment in Scotland

iRes-Geo in Scotland

When iRes-Geo were planning a global expansion, Scotland was the natural choice.

Our skills, experience and expertise together with our world-class training facilities and strengths in innovation made Scotland the location of choice for companies like iRes-Geo Technology.

iRes-Geo in Scotland

I would like to take this opportunity to thank SDI for its great support, in business development and in setting up this company. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them as we deliver our growth plans.

Yi Huang, chairman, iRes-Geo

Driving oil and gas innovation

Decades of experience in the harsh environment of the North Sea has given Scotland one of the most innovative oil and gas industries in the world.

Scotland's oil and gas industry takes a connected approach to innovation.

By investing here you'll get the chance to work with sector experts in universities that are committed to forging strong bonds with industry.

OGIC, Scotland's Oil and Gas Innovation Centre, works to foster, encourage and fund technology innovation and to encourage collaboration between industry and academia.

And we can help companies like yours secure funding and grants to make your next R&D project a success.

Scottish Energy Ports

Discover valuable opportunities for the energy industry

With decades of experience in oil and gas and abundant renewable energy resources, Scotland is the natural home for your energy project - and ports across the country offer the infrastructure you need.

Scottish Energy Ports

Scotland's people are our greatest asset, boasting the skills and experience needed to make your investment in Scotland a success.

International sector head for oil and gas, thermal generation and CCS - David Rennie

Scotland's population is the best educated in the UK. We'll help make sure your company and Scotland's people form a winning combination.

Tell us a bit about your business and a specialist from your region or sector will get back to you.

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