Regenerative medicine

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Regenerative medicine

Scotland is one of Europe’s top locations for the development of stem cell technologies, thanks to our expertise in cell therapy clinical trials and integrated academic, clinical and commercial infrastructure.

Scotland's companies are tackling some of the cell therapy industries’ most challenging issues - find out how you can work with them.

When it comes to clinical trials, Scotland has the edge

Scotland is uniquely positioned to offer the know-how, facilities and infrastructure for the commercial development of stem cells, all in a single location.

Scotland is one of Europe’s leading locations for the development of stem cell applications. 

Its unique and competitive business environment is optimised for translating research into therapeutic benefits for patients, as well as drug development tools that streamline the whole process.

A fully integrated academic, clinical and commercial infrastructure has created an attractive location for:

  • Cell therapy clinical trials
  • Cell line manufacturing
  • Clinical and translational research
  • Stem cell research and development

Scotland’s close-knit supply chain has excellent access to European markets making Scotland the ideal location to do business with ease. 

Consider us your "one-stop shop" to develop and commercialise stem cell technologies.

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Why choose Scotland for clinical trials?

12 reasons to invest

  1. Proven track record in supporting and implementing cell therapy clinical trials
  2. World class MHRA-accredited GMP ATMP manufacturing facilities
  3. Single point of access to clinical and research expertise 
  4. Fast and efficient identification and coordination of multi-centre clinical research
  5. Cost effective logistic solutions to at least 27 major European cities within 24 hours 
  6. Growing commercial landscape across the supply chain
  7. Gateway to European markets
  8. Highly competitive funding environment
  9. Research-grade iPS cell manufacturing 
  10. Single national database of 5.3 million patient records enabling rapid clinical trial recruitment
  11. One of Europe’s largest and most highly regarded stem cell research hubs at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine
  12. Excellent availability of a technically trained workforce for this sector

Sistemic's scientists analyse micro array data
Sistemic's scientists analyse micro array data

Scotland's cell therapy supply chain

Your "one-stop shop" to develop and commercialise stem cell technologies.

We can open doors to the right contacts within Scotland's rich supply chain to help you deliver your cell therapy to the clinic.

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Logistics for safe delivery of stem cell technology

If you want peace of mind that your stem cell technology will be delivered in a timely and safe manner, Scotland is your solution.

Responsible for over 60% of Europe’s Biosafety testing, Scotland has an outstanding logistics, cold chain and packaging capability to enable the time-critical shipment of cells and biological products, as well as medical technologies, into and out of the country.

Our global logistics specialists offer:

  • Time-critical handling and transportation of temperature-sensitive shipments
  • Specialist packaging solutions
  • Cryogenic storage capabilities (liquid N² -186°C) with 900 pallets space of refrigerated storage capacity (2-8°C) licensed and MHRA approved for controlled drugs
  • Guaranteed delivery before 9:00 am to major cities in more than 40 countries for sample consignments
  • Guaranteed delivery before 10:00 am to major cities in more than 50 countries for ambient and temperature-controlled consignments
  • Guaranteed delivery before 12:00 noon to major cities in more than 70 countries worldwide for ambient and temperature-controlled consignments

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Thanks to the outstanding collaboration across NHS, academia, government and industry, Roslin Cells has been able to accelerate the expansion of its cell therapy manufacturing facilities based in the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine.

CEO, Roslin Cells - Aidan Courtney

Discover Scotland's collaborative approach to cell therapy development

We've teamed up with leading industry players to make the process of undertaking clinical trials in cell therapy easier, faster and more successful in reaching commercial realisation.

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Meeting global health challenges

Scotland's researchers pioneer novel answers to some of medicine’s most challenging issues.

  • Pluripotency and iPSCs
  • Lineage and cell specification
  • Neural differentiation, brain and spinal cord tissue repair 
  • Haematopoietic stem cell biology and regeneration
  • Liver stem cell biology and tissue repair 

You can access Scotland's clinical research expertise across four major cities:

  • Aberdeen
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow

Advance your discoveries towards the clinic

Find out more about Scotland's supportive infrastructure for streamlining clinical trials.

Health Sciences Scotland

Health Sciences Scotland makes it easier for commercial organisations to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with clinical and research expertise across medical universities and their associated NHS Health Boards in Scotland.

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NHS Research Scotland

NHS Research Scotland facilitates the streamlined and timely approach to commercial and non-commercial multicentre clinical research and trials through the NHS in Scotland.

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Generation Scotland

Generation Scotland has a rich resource of high quality, ethically consented tissue samples and data for genetic and health related research collected from over 30,000 family members to allow diseases to be tracked through the generations.

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Imaging network

SINAPSE is the Scottish imaging network developing a world class future in medical imaging for Scotland by drawing on the combined expertise of six Scottish universities.

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