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Scotland has the edge when it comes to medtech opportunities. Tap into our talented workforce with expertise in everything from non-imaging diagnostics and surgical instruments to ophthalmic surgery and cardiovascular therapies. 

Scotland is home to many companies that have launched global health innovations. Come join them.

Why choose Scotland to commercialise your products?

10 reasons to invest

  1. Diverse and supportive supplier community − 150 supply chain companies with a wide range of capabilities from clean rooms, engineering and lab services to medical supplies, packaging and waste treatment
  2. Easy access to clinical skills and excellence − including the Digital Health Institute and the NHS, Scotland’s single healthcare provider and the world’s biggest healthcare delivery organisation
  3. Groundbreaking, world-renowned research − strengths in imaging, ophthalmics, orthopaedics, cardiovascular instrumentation and implants 
  4. Highly skilled, adaptable and growing workforce – Scotland is also home to a dedicated Medical Devices Doctoral Training Centre at the University of Strathclyde
  5. World class, tailored facilities – Scotland has a unique property portfolio ranging from dedicated life science parks such as the Edinburgh BioQuarter to more general technology centres 
  6. Depth of experience in convergent technologies for partnering and collaboration – from micro and nanotechnology, physics and photonics to materials and technical textiles, electronics and specialised software solutions
  7. Government funding and support for the commercialisation of research – £350 million funding per year to support Scottish universities' rich stream of innovative ideas and state-of-the-art research facilities 
  8. Dynamic, industry-led support network – including R&D centres of excellence, product design centres and specialist research pools
  9. Culture of success – Scotland's medtech companies such as Touch Bionics, Optos and Aircraft Medical are becoming leaders in their fields helping boost Scotland's international reputation
  10. Friendly regulatory environment - the European regulatory system allows you to get your product to market quickly and easily

Join our medtech cluster

We have everything to help you get your medtech product to launch in Scotland.

Scotland’s medtech cluster:

  • Includes several multinational companies who have re-invested in Scotland
  • Has a strong flow of innovative start-ups, many of which have grown to a significant size in Scotland
  • Has 120 companies in the manufacturing and supplier base that support companies with the commercialisation of products

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In Scotland, innovation is king

In the past decade, Scotland’s medtech companies have launched global health innovations including:

  1. The first scanning laser ophthalmoscope to provide enhanced clinical information to detect diseases of the retina - Optos
  2. A novel imaging system for the non-invasive in-vivo detection of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. – DySIS Medical
  3. The world’s first commercially available multi-articulated prosthetic hand – Touch Bionics
  4. A portable unit to treat non-melanoma skin cancer using photodynamic therapy – Ambicare
  5. The world's first handheld video-enabled laryngoscope to facilitate intubations – Aircraft Medical
World's first handheld video laryngoscope - Aircraft Medical's McGRATH® Series 5
Aircraft Medical's McGRATH® Series 5 laryngoscope

One of Europe's fastest-growing medtech firms

Optos, a Scottish producer of retinal imaging devices is one of Europe's fastest-growing medtech company over the past five years.

Thanks to our support, the company now sells its eye testing devices worldwide and sees significant opportunities in Middle East and South America for disease detection in diabetes.

We help ambitious companies like Optos succeed and grow. Let us help you.

You have friendly, well-educated, hard-working people, a beautiful environment and a local investor base that has a long history of backing risk...what
more could you want?

Founder of Optos - Douglas Anderson

Collaborate with world-leading universities

Our innovation and excellence centres help drive collaboration between Scotland's universities and medtech companies.

Cuschieri Skills Centre (CSC)

The CSC is one of Europe’s most advanced centres of excellence for teaching and training surgeons in keyhole surgery. The facility offers interventional human anatomy, virtual reality simulation, micro-surgery operating microscopes, an operating theatre and fully equipped laparoscopic training laboratories.

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Digital Health Institute (DHI)

The DHI supports projects from the first steps of R&D through to testing, scaling, and getting solutions closer to market. They offer  access to the latest research, and encourage companies to develop and test ideas.

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Stratified Medicine Scotland

Stratified Medicine Scotland aims to improve the treatment of acute and chronic disease in patients and provide new tools to enable health care providers to diagnose and treat. They support the development of new and better targeted medicines by pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

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Bring new devices to patients quickly

Europe is able to provide medical technology to patients 2-3 years ahead of the USA and 5 years ahead of Japan.

The European system of regulation for medical devices has allowed Europe to effectively and efficiently ensure the safety of all citizens while guaranteeing the fastest access to life saving innovation to patients and doctors.

Source: Eucomed


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