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Your firm can grow and innovate in Scotland’s dynamic fintech sector

Your firm can grow and innovate in Scotland’s dynamic fintech sector

Scotland offers the perfect blend of technology and financial expertise for fintechs to reach their true potential.

Scotland’s fintech sector is brimming with commercial opportunity. Combining over 86,000 people working in the financial sector with over 100,000 in the digital technology sector, Scotland is a catalyst for fintech growth.

So why should you grow your fintech business in Scotland? Here are some key reasons. 

Tap into a talented workforce

Tap into a talented workforce

Scotland is a leading UK location for skilled and experienced technology professionals to fulfil their career potential.

Fintech professionals can access a range of career opportunities as well as enjoy a high quality of life. They can develop careers with established global financial institutions such as RBS, Standard Life or JP Morgan or they can join a rapidly growing fintech firm such as Nucleus, Encompass or LendingCrowd.

As an alternative fintech centre to London, employees can enjoy a high quality of life at lower living costs. For example, Edinburgh is frequently ranked as the best place to live in the UK and the city's education system achieves good performance.

Alongside attracting experienced candidates, fintech firms in Scotland benefit from thousands of talented graduates. Scotland has more universities in the Global top 200 per head of population than any other country except Switzerland. These universities attract some of the world’s top students – those from across the world account for 22% in Scotland; the UK average is 19%.

Universities and businesses are also collaborating to ensure that graduates have the right skills to enrich Scotland’s fintech sector immediately after graduation. For example, Abertay University developed the world’s first Ethical Hacking course which is popular with cyber security firms.

Tap into a strong tech community

Scotland has a rapidly-growing and highly-successful tech sector.

Complementing fintech, Scotland has a rapidly-growing and highly-successful tech sector, including over 1000 firms. This includes global firms such as Amazon, IBM and Oracle as well as home-grown start-ups like Skyscanner and FanDuel.

Edinburgh has a high density of tech firms closely linked to the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. This is the UK’s leading informatics department and the largest of its kind in Europe. It attracts the best students from around the globe. Over 60% of its 600 undergraduate and postgraduate students are from outside the UK.

The result? A strong tech community has grown around the university in the centre of Edinburgh over the last 10 years. Alongside large firms there are over 100 start-ups, including over 60 early stage tech firms based within the tech incubator, Codebase. There are several fintech firms in Codebase including Money Dashboard, The ID Co. and ZoneFox.

Global companies in Scotland

Councillor Frank Ross from the City of Edinburgh Council, Owen Kelly from Scottish Financial Enterprise and Claire Cockerton from Innovate Finance

Make the right connections

We can connect you to the right institutions and funding to build your business.

Scotland has strong connections with financial institutions in the City of London, working collaboratively with them and other financial services organisations.

An example of this is the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between Edinburgh and London, to promote technology companies supplying new and innovative software products to the financial sector.

With one of Europe's lowest tax rates and a range of funding and help available in a supportive and collaborative business environment, Scotland offers an attractive nearshore location in which to set up your financial services operation.

Edinburgh and London sign FinTech agreement

Competitive living and business costs

Scotland offers lower costs than many UK locations, especially London.

Lower living costs enable fintech employers to offer lower salaries whilst still attracting the great candidates. This is especially attractive to candidates with 5-10 years experience who may be looking to start a family and/or buy a larger property.

The cost of renting an office is also significantly lower in Edinburgh and Glasgow compared with London. For fintech firms, this makes Scotland a great complementary location to London since company growth costs there can be extremely high.

Excellent transport links between Scotland and London allows firms to retain some functions in London whilst moving jobs that don’t need to be in the capital to Scotland. Many of the fintech companies in Scotland have a presence in London whilst retaining the majority of their business functions in Edinburgh or Glasgow. 


The choice is clear from city to city and coast to coast

Choosing the right location for your company is a crucial decision.

Scotland provides excellent connectivity and quality across a range of factors including:

  • Excellent transport links with UK, Europe and North America
  • Good housing options, including prestige and historic properties in both city and rural locations
  • High bandwidth communications infrastructure
  • Low risk in terms of geo-politics, geographic and climatic factors
  • Beautiful location and creative hot spot - you'll love life in Scotland and so will your staff

From the historic and cultural delights of Edinburgh to the busy and buzzing hub of Glasgow, Scotland offers the perfect blend of continuity and creativity to keep your business two steps ahead of the competition.

Add in easy access to some of the most stunning wild scenery in Europe, great outdoor leisure and sporting opportunities and a friendly and welcoming community, and you have the perfect place to base your business.

Reasons to invest in Scotland


Supporting your investment in Scotland

Looking for advice or support? We’re here to help.

By investing in Scotland you'll be joining a globally-renowned financial technology sector. And you'll find many ways that we can help.

From financial assistance, to supporting recruitment and helping you identify the perfect location, we're here to ensure your investment in Scotland is a success.

Companies investing in Scotland benefit from our talented workforce and have easy access to other financial and business centres across Europe and the rest of the world.

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