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Want to grow your firm in one the world's top five fintech locations?

It's here. A fintech game perfectly set and matched.

Scotland has all the perfect credentials to grow your business in a world-class fintech hub. 

What are you waiting for? It's now. Take a look at the facts. They'll seriously make you think. 

Scotland offers the best of both worlds for aspiring fintechs to take off in this exciting sector.

It blends its status as the UK's largest financial centre after London with the 1000 tech firms located here. A fusion of minds, body and spirit.

Scotland has ambitions to become a top five fintech location in the world. And it's getting there. Fast. Especially with the driving force of a new national organisation, Fintech Scotland.

Fintech talent

Nearly 200,000 professionals to choose from. And counting.

It goes without saying that Scotland is perfect for fintech talent

Why? The numbers speak for themselves: over 85,000 people work in financial services in Scotland and around 100,000 in technology. Scotland is teeming with fintech talent from a vast pool of graduates, seasoned professionals to those at management level. 

And the potential is vast: Scotland's fintech sector is expected to create 15,000 roles over the next 10 years, predicts the Centre for Financial Regulation and Innovation; bolstered by fintech degree courses, including those at Strathclyde and Stirling universities. 

Connect with Scotland's talent


Living and business costs are up to 40% less in Scotland v London

Overseas' investors can choose anywhere else in the UK, but often decide on Scotland.

Who likes to work hard and pay even harder? No one. That's why Scotland gives London a run for its money when it comes to living and business costs: music to the ears of fintechs seeking to give their business lift off in one of the world's  premier fintech locations. 

Did you know it costs £1.31 million or 33% less to base 100 staff in Edinburgh compared with London? That's £1.31 million more to grow your business in a country whose fintech game is already set and match.  

Global companies in Scotland


We help you take your fintech to places you never imagined

To make it happen just call us for advice or support. We’re here to help.

Take the first step to transforming your fintech in an exciting new direction in Scotland. It's a country that’s born to make fintechs flourish. With 600 financial firms already here and 200,000 people skilled in tech and finance, we'll help you fit in easily. And quickly. 

From financial assistance, to supporting recruitment and helping you identify the perfect location, we're here to ensure your fintech business takes off in Scotland.

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