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Why choose Scotland for your games project?

There are many reasons to locate in Scotland, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Skilled, talented and creative people. Scotland's educational establishments offer courses covering all elements of games development ensuring a steady stream of new talent.
  • A swiftly expanding creative industries sector. Convergence of sectors like digital media and augmented reality mean opportunities are growing as fast as the sector.
  • A dynamic and connected cluster of over one hundred games companies. Scotland's games companies can take credit for titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Lemmings, APB Reloaded and Bloons.
  • Stunning scenery coupled with excellent transport links make for an excellent quality of life.
  • A low-cost location. Software developer costs are over 40% lower than places such as London and California, and operating costs are up to 30% lower than other parts of the UK.

"Most important for a business like us is available talent"

Why Outplay set up in Scotland

A talented workforce and our support persuaded Outplay to set up in Scotland. From its base in Dundee, it has collaborated on one of the world's most successful mobile games franchises.

Why Scotland was the perfect location for Outplay

Large creative clusters

Scotland's creative industries sector employs 65,000 people and has an annual turnover of £5 billion per year.

Scotland is home to several skills clusters that bring members of the creative community together. These include:

Creative Clyde

Glasgow's waterfront 'Creative Clyde' area is home to the three mainstream broadcasters in the UK and has over 350,000 square feet of custom built space for digital companies. Businesses locating here are also able to claim back 100% of business rates tax.

The Hub

This Glasgow-based development can accommodate up to 50 tenants linked by intranet to a wider London-based network. Tenants include the Glasgow School of Art’s Digital Design Studio and independent production company Raise the Roof Productions.

Seabraes Yard

Seabraes Yard in Dundee helps businesses in the computer games, animation and design-oriented industries benefit from easy access to potential collaborators.

District 10

Constructed out of shipping containers, this Dundee-based facility is aimed at early-stage creative industry companies.

Glasgow School of Art Digital Studio

Scotland's skill set

From graduates leaving games specific courses to highly experienced companies like Axis Animation, Scotland has a workforce made up of well-qualified and talented software developers

The Universities of Abertay, the West of Scotland and Edinburgh Napier, all offer Skillset accredited courses in games. Additionally, Glasgow Caledonian University and the Scottish Art Schools offer courses aligned to the games industry.

The combination of well-trained graduates and successful companies willing to share their expertise through collaboration gives us a versatile and enthusiastic bank of talent.

Why Scotland?

Outplay and eeGeo are among the many companies choosing to set up in Scotland

“One of the reasons for locating in Dundee was to be close to the excellent universities that we have here. We established connections with Abertay, Napier and Edinburgh Universities. The speed at which we have been able to find extraordinarily talented people across all the disciplines that matter to us (technology, engineering, creative, production) meant we were able to staff up far faster than we ever anticipated.” 

Douglas Hare, CEO and Richard Hare, president of Outplay Entertainment

“Scotland is justifiably proud of a rich heritage of critically acclaimed gaming franchises and, consequently, continues to benefit from a tightly-networked development community and an exceptional pool of experienced talent. Particularly with the support from SE and SDI in building successful businesses and promoting them globally, Scotland continues to be a great place for games companies to invest in their futures.”

Phil Wilson, studio director of eeGeo

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Discover a Scotland full of wonderful surprises – an international Scotland in so many guises.

International sector head - Mark Newlands

Glasgow's got one of the finest 3D animation studios in Europe, and the fastest-selling game in history was made in Edinburgh. Then there's Dundee, which plays host to a growing cluster of games companies, from excitable start-ups to established players.

Scotland's games are played by millions all over the world. To find out more about why making games in Scotland makes sense for your business, contact us.

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