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Scotland's digital technology connections

Digital technology is transforming the world and Scotland is in the vanguard.

Scotland is helping to drive digital innovation in areas such as animation, digital publishing, web content, gaming, mobile and screen industries. Our digital hubs - both real and virtual - bring together the best multi-disciplinary talent and the means to share content around the world.

We will connect you to the talent, creativity and companies you need to grow and prosper. With the support of Scottish Enterprise, Scotland's economic development agency, we can help you establish your company quickly and smoothly overcome any obstacles to growth.

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Scotland's digital media connections

Why choose Scotland for digital technology?

  • A growing digital cluster - We have world-class companies in all areas of digital technology, from international leaders in games development and new media platforms to national broadcasters and some of the most creative digital agencies in the UK
  • Research excellence - We have global centres of research excellence, developing next generation technologies to support ongoing growth in the digital technology environment
  • Digital skills - Scottish universities are producing high-calibre graduates educated in the latest technologies
  • Competitive costs - Scotland is a cost-competitive location for both staff and property, and offers value for money compared to London, New York and Los Angeles
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Digital design in Scotland

There are over 110 digital design companies in Scotland with over 1,000 employees generating revenues of more than £40 million.

Some key digital design companies include:

  • Dog Digital
  • Equator
  • The Leith Agency
  • Whitespace

A thriving app development industry

Scottish companies are producing apps across multiple sectors and devices. Scotland also has a flourishing start-up community, with successful homegrown unicorn companies such as Skyscanner.

How Skyscanner took off in Scotland

Staff around a table with computer screens in the background

Scotland has the write stuff

The Scottish publishing sector is home to innovative digital publishing companies such as Distrify Media, as well as more traditional newspaper and magazine publishing.

  • Scotland’s publishers produce 3,000 titles
  • Fiction accounts for 30% of this
  • Sales turnover of approximately £343 million
  • Launching the careers of hundreds and paying royalties to over 14,000 writers

Changing the way that we play

Games development is one of Scotland’s most dynamic creative subsectors. In fact, we’re ranked third in Europe’s top 50 locations for the industry.

With an established games cluster, renowned games development courses and lower costs than areas like London and California, it’s no wonder that our games sector is thriving.

Find out more about gaming in Scotland

Edinburgh Castle as replicated in Minecraft
Man with a beard short-sleeved blue shirt standing in front of a VR screen

Augmented and virtual reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are core to the success of Scotland’s games industry. These technologies can also be applied across a wide range of other areas, from military simulation and medical training to immersive tourism experiences and education.

Some of our success stories include:

  • Two Big Ears - Facebook acquired the company in order to take advantage of its immersive and interactive audio applications
  • Speech Graphics - provided facial animation synchronising a virtual Kanye West’s face for one of his music videos
  • Forth Dimension Displays - develops devices that replicate weapons sights or periscopes
  • The Scottish Ten - digital heritage documentation on a global scale involving the use of mobile apps, AR and VR viewers

How Scotland is changing perceptions of reality

Digital media case studies

Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of 4J Studios

Case study

How 4J Studios built success for Minecraft in Scotland

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Inside the Skyscanner office

Case study

Skyscanner takes off to become a world leader

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Outplay in Scotland

Case study

Why Outplay moved from California to Scotland

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Digital technology

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