Global business services


Looking for a global shared service or contact centre?

We can connect you to skilled professionals and leading providers of back-office or in-house functions, right here in Scotland.

Scotland's global business services (GBS) industry provides:

  • High quality skills with a stable and well qualified workforce
  • Competitive costs
  • A supportive business environment
  • Easy access to key markets

Strong track record of GBS investment

Join an established cluster of global companies already in Scotland.

Scotland has over 500 contact centre and GBS companies. It's home to the facilities of some of the largest European companies, drawn here by the right mix of talent, quality infrastructure and support.

Scotland was ranked as the best performing region for inward investment outside of London in the UK by Ernst & Young Global Investment Report in 2014 and is a major location for European companies to locate their GBS operations.

Recent investors include Concentrix, Cigna, Ceridian, Teleperformance and Sykes.

Global companies in Scotland

Scotland's talented workforce

Scotland's talent: available, flexible and scalable

With over 215,000 people employed within financial and business services, supplemented annually by over 97,000 graduates, Scotland offers high quality, flexible staff with skills covering range of front and back office activities.

Scotland has a proven model of language recruitment and many of our centres offer dedicated foreign language services.

In addition Scotland‘s managerial population has a strong track record in delivering through organisational change and in-house management support offerings can be supplemented with consultancy support funded by SDI.

Leaders in future technology development

Developing value from data to understand and move with changing customer demand, whilst making your business more productive and efficient.

Clients today expect more value from service providers than just cost savings through labour arbitrage. This has led to a focus on analytics, digital technologies and automation to deliver value.

Scotland has world leading academic institutions working in partnership with the private sector to develop and implement solutions across these technologies, aiming to increase efficiency and productivity and ultimately growth for companies.

Increasing efficiency whilst decreasing cost

Combining competitive costs with the highest levels of quality means Scotland can offer you a profitable location.

With one of Europe's lowest tax rates and a range of funding and help available in a supportive business environment, Scotland offers an attractive nearshore location in which to set up your GBS or contact centre.

Costs can be between 20-50% lower in Scotland than locations such as London, Dublin and Amsterdam, with labour costs between 25-35% lower and property costs being between 50-90% lower.

(Source: Financial Times, FDI Benchmark Tool 2015)

Top quality GBS location at the right price


Location, location, location

Scotland has the ideal environment to meet your business needs.

Location is an important decision for your company and Scotland provides excellent connectivity and quality across a range of factors including:

  • Transport links with UK, Europe and North America
  • Property options including range of Grade A properties
  • High bandwidth communications infrastructure
  • Low risk in terms of geo-politics, geographic and climatic factors
  • Beautiful location and creative hot spot - you'll love life in Scotland and so will your staff

Supporting your investment in Scotland

We’re committed to giving you all the help you need to invest in Scotland

By investing in Scotland you'll be joining a renowned GBS sector. And you'll find lots of ways that we can help.

From financial assistance, to supporting staff recruitment and helping you identify the perfect location, we're here to make sure your investment in Scotland's GBS industry is a success.

Alongside support from SDI and our partners you can rely on established organisations like the Call Centre Association.

Companies investing in Scotland benefit from our talented workforce and have easy access to other financial and business centres across Europe and the rest of the world.

International sector head for financial and business services - Sharon Hamilton

Great people, the right technology, fantastic locations and support from SDI every step of the way - there are so many reasons to invest in Scotland.

We have offices in 20 countries, staffed by teams who can talk you through Scotland’s capabilities and the funding support that may be available to you.

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