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Homeworking - A new direction for GBS

With fast reliable connectivity, and the drive to reduce costs and increase value add to clients, Scotland has significant potential for the growth of homeworking in the GBS sector.

One of the most striking aspects of the business services industry in Scotland, is the importance of business process outsourcing and customer contact activity.

Scotland excels in critical business performance areas including customer satisfaction and call resolution, staff retention, low absenteeism and competitive running costs. 

Additionally, with dispersed but well connected communities, the Highlands and Islands region has been at the forefront of championing and piloting a number of employer led homeworking pilot projects.

Working from home

Is homeworking right for your business?

Recent research from Glasgow University highlighted why Homeworking is good for GBS companies.

  1. By widening the recruitment pool, you can attract individuals and skills that may not otherwise be available
  2. With staff valuing the fact that employers are taking account of their needs, levels of morale, motivation and productivity are higher than the average
  3. Costs in infrastructure are reduced such as office space, as well as reduced running costs like electricity usage
  4. With staff spread across locations, risks of issues caused by extreme weather or power failure are unlikely to affect all staff simultaneously

(Source: opportunities for homeworking in Scotland, 2015: Glasgow University, TERU)

Homeworking research opportunities


Who's here?

Many global site based operators include homeworking as part of their delivery model including BT and Capgemini. Virtual outsourcers like Arise UK and Sensée also have homeworking agents in Scotland.

“We think Scotland is a prime location for development. We’ve found that staff attrition rates are lower, there’s a good work ethic and culture, and plenty people who don’t savour the idea of a 20 mile drive to work,” says Steve Mosser, CEO, Sensée

Sensée's approach to homeworking

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Productivity, attrition, and cost reduction

Operators like BT and Serco have been supported to trial homeworking models to evidence the benefits for both employers and employees, while also making a significant contribution to their low carbon agendas.

From these pilot projects one of the most significant outcomes to note has been the productivity gains achieved for employers. Not to mention the cost saving. Such productivity gains experienced in these pilots are not uncommon in homeworking studies.

Adopt whichever business model best suits your needs. Options include using self employed agents, intermediates or full and part-time employee status operational models. Each ultimately offers wide flexibility to meet the requirements of individuals and companies alike.

Looking to trial your homeworking operation?

From financial assistance, to supporting staff recruitment and helping you identify the perfect location for your business, or to trial a homeworking project, we're here to make sure your investment in Scotland a success.

Alongside support from us and our partners you can rely on established organisations like the Call Centre Association, Skills Development Scotland and Job Centre Plus.

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