Scotland Digital Health and Wellness Day at Expo 2020

Discover what Scotland is doing to promote wellness, deliver better diagnosis and develop health treatments of the future, through data-driven intelligence and pioneering innovation. Explore highlights from our Digital Health and Wellness virtual event on 31 January 2022 including opportunities for investment, partnering and research.

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Scotland’s ability to develop new solutions for healthcare based around informatics, big data and patient stratification is almost unrivalled. An outstanding level of academic and industry collaboration has created a truly open innovation environment.

Scotland has one of the largest information and technology communities in Europe, and an innate determination to provide healthcare solutions that benefit everyone. So, it's the natural choice for innovative digital health and care projects looking for integrated technology solutions. 

Life sciences project, Dundee University

The future of health

Scotland has been at the forefront of medical innovations for over 200 years, so it makes sense that we’re continuing to lead the way with the development of technology-driven healthcare solutions.

Assisted Living Lab and smart technology in action - Photo credit Heriot-Watt University

The Assisted Living Lab

A new lab facility at the UK’s National Robotarium in Edinburgh is set to revolutionise the way Scotland delivers assisted living care in the community.

Transforming healthcare systems

Find out why LumiraDX chose Scotland to develop, manufacture and export the next generation of point-of-care test systems.

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3D holographic solutions for a digital world

Discover how Scottish tech company, Holoxica is humanising digital communications in healthcare with its leading-edge three-dimensional holographic technology.

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