Sponsorship and Recruitment

Here are some things to consider before sponsoring a non-European Economic Area national to work for you in Scotland.

Sponsor checklist

Access factsheets to guide you through each step of the sponsorship process.

Applying for a sponsor licence

If you are an employer in Scotland who wishes to hire a migrant worker, you will need to obtain a sponsor licence to become a Home Office registered sponsor.

Before you recruit an overseas worker

Before recruiting a migrant to work for you in Scotland, you must complete a Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) unless an exemption applies.

Advertising jobs in Scotland

To ensure you can recruit an overseas (migrant) worker in a specific role, all the jobs you advertise must be done according to the relevant Code of Practice.

Setting up your sponsorship licence

The Sponsorship Management System is an online portal where you can carry out most of the activities associated with being a sponsor.

Issuing sponsorship certificates

You can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) through the online Sponsor Management System.

Using the CoS to apply for a visa

Once you have created and assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship to an employee, they must use the certificate to apply for a visa.

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