Sponsorship and Recruitment

Here are some things to consider before sponsoring a non-British or non-Irish citizen to work for you in Scotland.

Points-based immigration system

Under the UK's points-based immigration system, visa routes are open to non-British and non-Irish nationals wishing to live and work in the UK if they meet a specific set of requirements.

Global Business Mobility Route Visa

You may be eligible for a Global Business Mobility Route visa if you have a UK sponsor and work in a sponsorable role.

High Potential Individual Route

The High Potential Individual Route opens on 30 May 2022 for graduates of qualifying overseas universities.

Sponsor checklist

Considering becoming a sponsor? Need some help? Access our factsheets to guide you through each step of the sponsorship process.

Applying for a sponsor licence

If you are an employer in Scotland who wishes to hire a migrant worker, you will need to obtain a sponsor licence to become a Home Office registered sponsor.

Before you recruit an overseas worker

Before recruiting a migrant to work for you in Scotland, you should ensure that the role you plan to offer them meets the eligibility requirements under the points-based system.

Setting up your sponsorship licence

The Sponsorship Management System is an online portal where you can carry out most of the activities associated with being a sponsor.

Issuing sponsorship certificates

You can issue a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) through the online Sponsor Management System.

How an employee can apply for a visa

Once you have created and assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship to an employee, they must use the certificate to apply for a visa.

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